What’s Season of the Lion About?

The “Season” is a time in our lives when it all seems to work, when the circumstances surrounding career, relationships and health come together in a perfect blend of success and satisfaction. Our hunches pay off, we have the inside track on making the right decisions, and we never hesitate to take action. We’re moving at light speed and nothing can stop us.

It’s our time, our season—the Season of the Lion.

While our individual goals may be different, our common direction will always be toward making life more productive and meaningful. For some, that will mean a better job or starting a new business, or taking their existing enterprise to the next level. Others may want to improve the relationship they have with business associates and friends, or the special one they have with their spouse and family.

The last piece of the happiness puzzle is usually the one most taken for granted—our health. Seldom do we give it the same priority as career success and rewarding relationships, but it’s difficult if not impossible to enjoy your life if you don’t feel good, or don’t have the energy to fully participate in the things that are important to you.

You may find some of my suggestions unconventional. That may be because you haven’t heard them before. Thirty-five years ago, I thought Wayne Dyer’s advice was unconventional. Same with Tony Robbins. Even some of Jim Rohn’s advice struck me as alternative. Because it wasn’t the kind of conversations I heard growing up, and I certainly didn’t see it being demonstrated by the people who surrounded me in my business and personal life.

I encourage you to read, ask a question or two, then determine what’s true for you. My goal is to help you do more than just survive life’s inevitable transitions. And in the process, I hope to provide you with some clarity, a lot of motivation, and my own unique tools that have made an impact on my overall success and happiness.

Finally, I’ll also pass along a few caution flags. Maybe they’ll apply to you, maybe not. If they do, you’ll be better prepared to navigate around the confusing and sometimes destructive detours in life that waste our time and often leaves us bitter and full of regret—especially as we get older.

I welcome your feedback. I want to hear your comments and questions. Use the contact button to shoot me an email.

ABOUT ME . . .

Author imageThis is where most authors and bloggers rant and rave about their experience and education, using both to justify their credibility. But there’s a downside to that. If the writer’s background is in an industry or profession that is significantly different from the reader’s, his thoughts and suggestions may not receive the attention they deserve. It’s a fine line, and I’ve seen it go both ways.

So instead, let’s do this . . .

I can tell you as a young man, I earned degrees in engineering and business, believing if I followed the traditional route of getting an advanced education, found the right company to work for, then dedicated myself to career advancement, I’d be secure, comfortable, and yes . . . even happy.

But after spending fourteen years in the corporate world, I found myself miserably successful.

The reasons were simple. I wanted my own business. I wanted to be my own boss. So in August of 1987, I cut the corporate umbilical to become a full-time entrepreneur. Since then, I’ve worked as a business consultant as well as starting several businesses from scratch, building them into successful income-producing companies and selling them for a profit.

I believe the most important thing I can tell you is that I work for a living. I make my livelihood from my daily business activities. And while I’ve been a professional speaker, writer, and seminar presenter, my living—my financial independence—comes from serving customers, battling the competition, and constantly striving to do it all in a better way.

Like most, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, both personally and professionally. Anyone who has lived beyond the age of forty, will tell you that life is not predictable. Day-to-day living brings unexpected change. We start new jobs. We begin new relationships. Our connections with the past break or fade away. The very foundation of our lives can change with the sunrise. And yet, when the worst of life hits the hardest, we sometimes forget we have a choice. We don’t have to surrender. We can stand our ground, compromise, or fight.

But we can always do more than just survive.

In my previous blog, I was all about the business of making money—measuring success by the bottom line. My targeted audience was exclusively entrepreneurs, and using content from my book, “Profit on Purpose,” I preached market share, marketing, and small business success.

That was several years ago, and while I enjoyed the experience, I decided it was time to move on, to take a different route. Lots of things have happened to me to move me in this direction, which is a definite tip-off that my motivations are personal. So I assure you, what you read here comes from my own experience, offered with the hope that it will help you avoid the inevitable piles of garbage that litter the road of life.

As I mentioned above, I welcome your feedback, and want to hear your comments and questions. Use the contact button to shoot me an email.

Looking forward to the Journey  . . .