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Creating the Mental Sub-routines of a Successful Life

It sounds simple . . . focus on the significantly important instead of the urgently trivial. But we all know how quickly a day can become derailed with phone calls, meetings, and last minute requests from customers and supervisors. So how do we stay on track, continuing to take the right steps that, over time, will eventually lead us to success? I suggest using a set of mental sub-routines that act as a kind of auto-pilot, guiding and directing our actions to create new opportunities, establish new professional relationships, and consistently make a trustworthy and reliable impression on others. Want to create your own set of mental sub-routines? Read on.

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How to Tame Your Nerves Before Giving a Speech

For fifty percent of the population, giving a speech produces as much fear as facing death. And yet, responding to a speaking request can boost your career, increase your standing in the community, and enhance your personal credibility and social status. In five simple steps, you can Learn how to get those butterflies to fly in formation and be remembered as the one who rose to the occasion, didn’t hesitate, and had the courage to take the lead.

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Human Resources – Department of Smoke & Mirrors

From the description—Human Resourses—it sounds like a division of the company dedicated to the well-being and advancement of the company’s employees. Even the name sounds friendly and inviting, right? Resources help us to excel at our job and be more effective on our assignments. And human? Well, we are human, so it must be a place we can go to acquire the help we need to get along with others, work through problems, and increase the enjoyment and satisfaction we receive from our work. It’s easy to assume the HR department to be a place designed to serve and benefit the company’s work force. Right? In a word . . . wrong.

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The Perfect Age

I remember driving to work one morning and listening to three radio personalities offer their opinion on the best age in life. After a minute or so of discussing the pros and cons of a younger body versus a wiser mind, they unanimously chose 35 as the perfect age. At the time, I was 28. The idea of being 35 seemed impossibly old. Hell, I could feel thirty looming in near future and that was bad enough. The idea that my thirty-fifth birthday would be something to celebrate seemed insane. That was over thirty years ago.
How accurate were the radio DJ’s at predicting the supposed best year of my life?

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Ready to Try a Little Minimalism in Your Life?

Minimalism. It’s the new, trendy lifestyle of simplicity. Pair it down, throw it out, recycle it, or give it away, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you get it out of the house. The rationale for paring down is simple: The time we spend on our unneeded or unnecessary possessions often spills over into other areas of our life, reducing or shifting our focus away from more important priorities.

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Why Things Will Never Make Us Happy

The first of the year is the traditional time to set new goals, to identify what’s important in our lives and make plans to accomplish our objectives. For some of us, that means a new job, buying a home, or acquiring the latest model car. Others will focus on pure financial goals, setting a desired net worth, or accumulating a specific amount of cash in the bank, hoping it will give them a sense of freedom.

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Are You Really Cut Out To Be The Boss?

Regardless of your particular goal—to create the next best-selling phone app, buy a fast-food franchise, or grow your fledgling used car business into the number one automobile dealership in the state—it probably started with great ambitions and dreams of financial independence. But if after several years of hard work, you’re still struggling to keep your business afloat, or worse, your efforts have ended in failure, debt, and disappointment, you may be asking . . . What happened?

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How Much Power Does the Past Have Over Your Future?

I haven’t been back to my old hometown in years. The last few times I was there, I felt like I was visiting a graveyard—lots of buried memories and too many headstones. So it wasn’t long before I began to feel uncomfortable and knew it was time to leave. A lot of it has to do with the recollection of things left unfinished—incomplete plans, broken dreams, and lost relationships. Looking back, I know most of it . . .

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Why So Many Fail to Achieve Their Dreams

“I was at the right place at the right time!”
“I was fortunate to have the right people working for me.”
How many times have you heard a business owner or entrepreneur offer a self-deprecating quip that minimizes his hard-eared and well-deserved success? It’s an overt show of modesty, and it’s about as far from the truth as you can get. So what does it take—exactly? What are the necessary ingredients to insure your business start-up has the best chance of becoming a financial success?

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Time For Plan B?

We dream of a perfect life. We set our goals and make our plans. We work hard. And then life happens. We lose our job. Our spouse is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. The economy nosedives and wipes out our retirement savings. At first, we reel in shock as it all sinks in. Nothing makes sense. There are no clear answers. When we finally catch our breath, the questions overwhelm us . . . How will I ever get through this? What’s going to happen to me? Will I survive?

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Will Belonging to a Tribe Result in a Longer, Happier Life?

You say you’re not tribal? Then you may be hurting your chances of living a long and healthy life. In a recent Ted Talk titled, “What Makes a Good Life?” ( Robert Waldinger recapped findings from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest study of adult life every done. After tracking participants for 78 years, one of the most important (and surprising) result to date was the importance of . . .

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Men and Their Sons

In my senior year of high school, one of my teachers told me that when I was much older, I would be able to look back and remember three or four days that had been the most important—days that would ultimately shape my life. These were the days that changed me—forever. The one that immediately comes to mind is the morning I received the phone call from . . .

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Fifteen Techniques to Maximize Your Personal Effectiveness During Meetings

Like them or not, meetings are the life-blood of the corporation. Often prompted by little more than a desire to “get everyone together,” spontaneous meetings have become an accepted part of the work day. Whether it’s implementing a new organizational process or procedure, a strategy session, dissecting a team report, goal setting, policy changes, introducing new employees, or disseminating information, a meeting is still the preferred method to accomplish the task.

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Re-thinking Your Age in a Youth-Oriented Culture

Sixty may be the new forty, but conventional assumptions and cultural bias about aging can still undermine your career, your professional relationships, and even the way strangers interact with you. The best way to protect your personal power and maintain your professional influence as you get older? Be proactive in maintaining your life skills, health, and mental acuity to insure others perceive your age as an asset instead of a liability. First, let’s face the facts.

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Nothing Personal . . . It’s Just Business

Ever heard that? Ever said it? Unfortunately, having separate identities—one for business and another for a personal life— is fairly common in the winner-take-all world of industry and commerce. Many of us have experienced it so often we’ve come to expect at least some sleight-of-hand at the negotiating table, and as a result, approach every new business relationship with caution—if not outright suspicion. At the risk of being called naive, I have to ask . . . How did it get this way?

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Improve Your Elevator Pitch by Eliminating Techno-speak!

The opportunity to meet someone new is often constrained by time limits (and thus was born the “elevator pitch”). In these spontaneous situations, you typically have less than a minute to make a positive impression and leave your new acquaintance with a clear indication of who you are and what you do—especially when your intention is to make a new business contact.

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When Someone at Work Stabs You in the Back, Play by the Rules

You’ve been attacked! Maybe you were used as a scapegoat, wrongly blamed for the team’s failure to meet quota, or bring a project in under budget—and neither metric falls under your responsibility. Or worse, you’re the target of rumor and innuendo; Someone has accused you of not acting in a professional capacity, or suggested you’re distracted with outside interests and it’s affecting your productivity. You may not know why it happened, but the damage is real. And as the initial shock begins to wear off, you know you can’t just sit there and take it—you have to do something.

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Have You Chosen the Wrong Life-Goal?

This one sounds like a no-brainer—you’d think our internal compass would set off alarm bells and red flags from the moment we begin to consider it. But a surprising number of people are addicted to a fantasy, believing in a future that is hopelessly unattainable. These are the folks who are sure they’re going to invent the next Pet Rock or Beanie Baby, and are just waiting for inspiration to strike. Maybe they’ve been planning to write the next run-away best seller, but haven’t completed a single chapter in years. Or they imagine themselves the CEO of a Fortune 500 Hundred company but haven’t risen above the entry level position they were hired at twenty years ago. And so they wait—for conditions to be just right, or circumstances to change, or for fate to magically transport them to the life they were “supposed” to live. Ask the typical “Dreamer” why they . . .

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